Le renouveau de la section League of Legends.

A l’occasion des championnats du monde qui se déroulent en ce moment, nous vous annonçons la reprise de notre section League of Legends. Après une pause sur le jeu depuis près d’un an, la WanteD souhaite réinvestir cette scène ultra compétitive. Afin de préparer au mieux les échéances de la saison et en particulier l’ Open Tour , nous construisons dès à présent notre équipe.

Pour commencer, nous allons vous présenter le staff qui aura comme mission d’encadrer et de faire progresser l’équipe. Nous avons choisi de recruter un staff international avec un mélange d’expérience et d’idées nouvelles :



I am Emanuele Domanico.

I have a master’s degree in public administration science and have always wanted to be part of a League of Legends team.
After an initial experience in an Italian team as assistant to the team manager and manager of the academic team, I understood that if I wanted to grow professionally, I had to gain experience abroad, and Team Wanted believed in me.
I hate to lose more than I love to win, this sentence allows me to get the best out of myself and I hope to pass on my passion and hunger to my team.

Tigerman #WeareWanted



Hello, I’m Salvo Mastrolembo, im 23 years old and I was born in Italy.
I started coaching about two years ago on smaller stages with the awareness that one day this great opportunity would come to show my skills and my knowledge about this world to a large community.
Before joining WanteD I coached in Italy, unfortunately I have not yet managed to make my debut in the top league but in minor organizations, but this does not mean that one day I will succeed.
After some experiences in Italy, I tried my luck in Greece, a short and unfortunate experience and now I’m here ready for this new adventure.

I will try to give 110% for this organization, as I have always done and will continue to do throughout my career, the goal is to reach great stages and I am sure that hard work and dedication will lead the team to success.
I am very excited, and I am eager to show the French community and the fans our work!



Hello, I am Mirco Cutali, I am twenty years old and I was born in Italy.

I am a university student of psychology and since I approached League of Legends, I realized that I wanted to know what was behind an eSports team. So, I started to observe the eSports world with a special eye, analyzing why certain choices were made and as time went on, I understood that I wanted to be part of it.

At this point I joined several Italian and international associations in order to collect experience to advance in my path. A path that led me to become part of the Wanted Team with which I hope to be able to demonstrate 200% of my possibilities and skills with the intent to win whatever comes in front of our team.



Hello, I am Jean-Charles. I am an old boy for this scene as I reached thirty a far ago. I am a freelance educational specialist, working for different organizations and particularly teacher on the League of legends competitive course for EM Lyon business school.
The esport french scene knows me primarily through HearthStone competitions where I was manager and event organizer. But I am playing from far to far and following the LoL esport since season 2. My role in this staff will be to imrpove in-game communication and elaborate methods to train better.

Le Staff
04 octobre

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